Monday, June 27, 2011

They Call Him “Mr Barbeque” for a Reason (Grilled Steakhouse Roast)

Summer is in full swing. It stays light until almost 9pm and it seems like something is on the calendar after work every night.  Pilates, golf clinics and Wednesday Happy Hour with the girls, for me.  Golf, golf and more golf for Steve.  And of course we have Friday nights on the Front Porch at the Carolina Inn

Somewhere in there, one must eat dinner – and neither of us are fans of mid-week restaurant dinners or take out.  Hence, we’ve taken to grilling a hunk of meat (pork loin, a whole chickens turkey breasts) on Mondays that can turn into salads or stir fries as we swing thru the house our way to or from our other activities later in the week. 

Tonight I had an after work cooking class with my niece (look for biscuit related posts in the future!) so Steve was left to his own devices with a cut of beef we’d never seen before – a Steakhouse Roast.  According to the butcher who turned us onto this one, a Steakhouse Roast is what they cut New York Strip Steaks from.  That’s all it took for me.

Here’s the method:
  • To make this little beauty, Steve simply marinated the entire piece of meant (about 2.5 pounds) in Worcestershire sauce for about 45 minutes. The he blotted it off and rubbed it with olive oil.
  • Next he liberally seasoned the meat with salt and pepper.
  • The off to the grill, which was fired up to around 350 degrees.
  • The butcher said to cook the beef for about 9 minutes per pound for rare, which is the way we like it AND a doneness that does well for beef that you will re-heat later in the week. (Unless you like jerky)
  • Steve seared the meat on all sides on high and then downshifted to medium-off-medium; laying the meat fat side up.  Then he closed the lid and let the magic begin.
  • The sizzling sounds of the meat cooking were so tempting, but we left the lid closed.
  • About 18 minutes later, we pulled the meat.  (You’re going for about 125 /130 degrees for rare/medium rare– it will continue to cook as it rests.).  Then we tented it loosely with foil as I sautéed up some zucchini.
  • We sliced a bit thicker than we'd normally slice a roast -- probably somewhere between a1/4 and 1/2 inch thick.